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Our Harlequin Proofing Plugins and RIPs support a wide variety of colour proofing devices, including the most popular ink-jet proofers from Epson and HP. All Proofing Plug-ins include ColorPro, Global Graphic’s in-RIP ICC colour management system. ColorPro supplies a full range of colour management tools, providing accuracy in colour output through targets such as Euroscale, ISO, SWOP, FOGRA, and Commercial A. ColorPro will also accept custom ICC profiles generated for specific needs. RIP Proofing provides the best looking proof while utilising the same core RIP as your CtF or CtP device helps to increase data integrity.

Available either as a plugin to add to your existing Harlequin RIP, or as a stand-alone low resolution Xitron Navigator Harlequin Proofing RIP.

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